Whether a procedure is medical or surgical your pet will likely require anesthesia at some point in his/her life. Anesthesia is performed in cases where the procedure may be painful or uncomfortable, or if we need your pet to be immobilized.

Anesthesia is defined as the loss of sensation and/or consciousness. We achieve this through the use of a wide variety of drugs tailored to fit your pet’s needs. Anesthesia also allows us to give your pet perioperative pain management that assists in the post-operative comfort level of your pet.

On the day of the procedure your animal is given a brief physical examination to ensure they are healthy enough for surgery. Pre-anesthetic testing is also recommended to rule out any major underlying problems that your pet may have. If a problem is found further diagnostics, treatment, or a different drug protocol maybe recommended before the surgery. To learn more about pre-anesthetic testing and bloodwork Click Below


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  • "Thank you so much for getting my soon-to-be adopted cat a same day appointment. And thanks, also, for getting us in early so my poor stressed pet could get home quicker. Your consideration and kindness were much appreciated!"
    Kathleen L.