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Are you planning on traveling with your pet? You may need to have your pet examined by us first.

Many diseases can easily be spread between animals and people, so government regulations require that pets traveling inside and outside of the country are healthy. Most destinations require a health certificate to accompany any pet, especially if traveling by airplane. Please bring your pet's current vaccination records to this appointment (if you are new to us), and the requirements of the country or state that you are traveling to.

If you are traveling to another country with your pet, you will likely need a USDA-APHIS issued Health Certificate. This certificate must be signed by a USDA certified veterinarian. Please visit the APHIS website at for information and tips on domestic and international travel with dogs and cats. For more information on what different countries require, please visit their particular Embassy so that you understand the requirements prior to your appointment.

Most major airlines have their own pet travel requirements. Please contact the airline you are traveling through to confirm what these requirements are prior to your departure date.


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  • "Thank you so much for getting my soon-to-be adopted cat a same day appointment. And thanks, also, for getting us in early so my poor stressed pet could get home quicker. Your consideration and kindness were much appreciated!"
    Kathleen L.