Hernia Repair

Some puppies and kittens are born with a defect known as a hernia. There are typically two types; inguinal and umbilical.  

An umbilical hernia occurs when there is a bulging at the location of the umbilical cord. It is due to a failure of the abdominal muscles to unite creating a barrier between the abdominal space (where the internal organs lie) and the skin.  In some cases umbilical hernias are very small and in other cases can be very large. Surgical repair of these defects is recommended due to the danger of intestinal loops falling through these defects and becoming ensnared.

A inguinal hernia is located in the groin area on the abdomen.  This type of hernia generally occurs when the inguinal ring, a fibrous band of tissue, is too large allowing abdominal contents such as the intestines to fall through.  Like an umbilical hernia it can be very dangerous to a animals health to leave a hernia uncorrected.     

A surgical consult is recommended to assess the severity of any type of hernia and plan a date for surgical repair. To schedule an appointment for a surgical consultation please call our office at 715-268-8131.


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  • "Thank you so much for getting my soon-to-be adopted cat a same day appointment. And thanks, also, for getting us in early so my poor stressed pet could get home quicker. Your consideration and kindness were much appreciated!"
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